Beginners Started Career In Voice Over - Read E-books For Helping

Beginners Started Career In Voice Over - Read E-books For Helping

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Beginners Started Career In Voice Over - Read E-books For Helping

Information, ideas, and exercises from our team.
Enjoy and learn from these complimentary resources authored by Voice Coaching and marketing team. We add new titles regularly, so please check Back!
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★ 1. Getting Started In Voice Over

 Discover what voice over is, how it works, and how the field has changed.

Content : 
Voice Overs: Where Do I Begin?
1. Welcome
2. Getting Started
3. What Is A Voice Over?
4. On The Job
5. Today’s Voice
6. Understanding Your Voice
7. Where To Look For Work
8. Industry Pros And Cons
9. How Do I Begin?

2. Home Recording Primer

Learn the basics of home recording to better determine if it's a fit for you

1) What Opportunities Can I Pursue If I Choose To
Record At Home?
2) What Else Do I Get Out Of A Home Studio?
3) What Skills Should I Possess To Consider
Recording From Home?
4) Do I Need A Special Room Or Space To Record At
5) What Equipment Do I Need To Record At Home?
6) What Software Do I Need To Record At Home?
7) Are Web-based Voice Over Marketplaces Easy
Places To Find Work?
8) How Do My Responsibilities Change As A Home
Recording Provider?
9) Do I Need To Build My Home Recording Setup Now,
Or Could I Do It In The Future?
10) Don’t Get The Cart In Front Of The Horse... Please!
11) How Long Will It Take Me To Master Recording?

3. Warm Ups And More

Practice might not make you perfect, but it will make you better. Enjoy these fun exercises to help keep you at your best.

1) Why Warm Up?
2) Body, Breath, Voice
3) Cool Downs
4) Benefits Of Warm-ups
5) Tongue Twisters

4. Marketing Basics

As a voice actor, you are running your own small business. Here are some great tips to help.

1) Focus On Developing Skill.
2) Define Your Goals.
3) Consider The Benefits Of A Relationship-based
4) Develop Effective Professional Communication
That Works For You
5) Stay Organized.
6) Practice Talking About What You Do, And Tell
7) Practice Talking About What You Do, And Tell
8) Pursue Multiple Avenues
9) Don’t Give Up!

★ 5. Audiobook Voice Over

Learn about the history, growth and opportunity in audiobooks and long-form voice over.

1) What Is An Audiobook?
2) The Audiobook Story
3) The Modern-day Audiobook
4) Unique Traits Of The Audiobook Field
5) Audiobook Opportunities Today
6) Where To Go From Here

★ 6. The Socially-Conscious VO Market

From charities and public service announcements to social justice, environment, and more, learn about increased opportunities in these important areas of our field.

1) Put Your Voice Into Action
2) Voice Over For A Changing World
3) The Sound Of Socially Conscious Voice Over
4) Socially Conscious Vo: Where To Look
5) Chart Your Own Course

7. Don't Get Me Wrong

Enjoy our 42-page guide to commonly mispronounced words... and words that look strange the first time you see them in print.

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